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The 19VOL5X200P is a 19” unit, equipped with 5 pieces 100 volt volume controls that can handle up to 200 watts of power each. The screw connectors at the back of the unit make installing very easy.

he volume controls are very durable due their the step by step attenuation in 5 steps position. The 19VOL5X200P volume control is equipped with a 24V priority relay.

This way a microphone call will always come through at maximum volume, no matter what position the volume control is in. By using the 19VOL5X200P you can adjust the loudspeaker level in different zones.


19" (483mm wide) rack mountingYes
height- rack units (1U=44 mm)1U (44mm)
depth (build in)209 mm
depth (incl front)...
Power Ouput200 watts*5
Inputs5 channels
Outputs5 channels
Total Output1.000W
Frequency Response100 Hz to 16 KHz(1.5dB)
Output Level0V~100V
RelayDC 24V
Power Consumption5W
Main construction materialPanel: aluminum plate / Case: steel plate


Technical Sheet 19VOL5X200P0.46 MB - pdf
Technical Drawing 19VOL5X200P0.23 MB - pdf
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