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* Built-in weekly timer, monitor, 10 zone speaker selector, 6 channel power sequencer and Mp3 player
* Expandable from 10 zones to 160 zones
* Single Scheduled background music + 160 zone paging + multi voice alarm system
* Single scheduled background music from weekly timer’s built-in MP3 player
* 3 modes of voice alarm: all zones, separate zone and neighboring zones voice alarm
* Remote paging console up to 16 units
* 5 amp inputs divided into 10 zones speaker output
* Timely broadcast up to 99 program sources
* Broadcast modes: random, repeat and circle
* 4 regular programs and 1 spare program for emergency/particular circumstance
* Functional swift key for internal MP3 player priority manual broadcast
* Zone1-10 selector, all zone selector, music/paging swtich, MP3 swift button, swift program button, power control channel 1-4 buttons, up/down/left/right/ok buttons
* External power control, external monitor, speaker fault detection and amplifier fault changeover all are optional could be added
* Power handling 5000W over each 10 zones
* System communication is through CAT 5 cable
* The system communication distance up to 1kms
* Memory function even in case of power off


19" (483mm wide) rack mountingYes
Height- Rack units (1U = 44mm)2U (88mm)
Depth (Built in)303 mm
Depth (incl. front)328 mm
Power Output~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz 4 Program Power+2 AUX power Total Power 5KW
Function ButtonLight touch press buttons include 4 power switch buttons, 1 MP3 control button, 1 backup program switch, 10 zones speaker selector button, all zones button, 1 music or paging switch button. 4 menu buttons for switch, 1 ok button
Indication Method192x64 LCD display, English
Audio Output1KΩ 0.775V Unbalance(6.35 RC) 0V(Short Circuit) Industrial Standard
Voltage Input and Output of AlarmIntegrated Terminal Block 0V(Short Circuit) Industrial Standard
Voltage Output for Power ControlIntegrated Terminal Block CHA CHB CHC CHD CHE CHA1-A2 CHB1-B2 CHC1-C2 CHD1-D2 CHE1-E2
Amplifier Input and Output0.5W
Monitor Power of Speaker−∞~0dB
Monitor Volume Attenuator24 hours(hour-minutes-seconds) weekly
Time ModeTotal 5pcs(4 normal programs, 1EMC)
Program Quantity Total 512 Steps, 1 day 200 Steps
Program StepsRS422
Communication Protocols RJ45
Communication Port 4800bps
MP3 Frequency Response20Hz~20KHz/ 1dB
MP3 Store Format Compatible FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
Power Supply~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Main Construction MaterialPanel: aluminum plate / Case: steel plate
Weight6,8 Kg


Technical Sheet B-ONTIME0.34 MB - pdf
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