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Boxxline Audio BDOVE-240
Boxxline Audio BDOVE-240 REAR


The BDOVE-240 Loop

Amplifier is a cost-effective amplifier designed to drive a wire loop installed in the 2 floor or ceiling of a venue up to 600m per amplifier. This solution enables hearing-aid users in the area enclosed by the wire loop to hear all announcements, soundtrack or music. Hearing-aid users can set their devices to the T-mode setting to receive the signal coming from the loop to receive excellent audio-quality announcements, without the background noise or reverberation that normally impairs intelligibility for people with hearing difficulties.

Functions The loop amplifier can be connected to a mixing amplifier’s line level output, or it can accept up to three microphone/line signals directly. A 100 V priority input is available for uplink to a voice alarm system. This input can be monitored for the presence of a pilot tone. The built-in supervision monitors all key functions of the loop amplifier, and the fault state is available on a fail-safe relay.

The Loop amplifier is fitted with a limiter to limit the output field strength to the prescribed 100 mA/m. This circuitry can also be set to function as an Automatic Gain Control (AGC), so those soft signals are boosted for intelligibility while loud signals are attenuated so that all information is presented at a comfortable listening level. To adjust the sound to the program material and the environment, tone controls and a metal loss compensation circuit is available. After installation the controls can be locked to prevent unwanted access. 2 Even though one Loop Amplifier can cover up to 600m , the Loop Amplifier is stackable (master/slave configuration), to cover very large areas. Also, low spill schemes are supported. Its unique quadrate configuration provides uniform field strengths over multiple loops.


19" (483mm wide) rack mountingYes
Height- rack units (1U = 44mm)2U (88mm)
Depth (built in)303 mm
Depth (incl. front)...
Output Channels1
Output Power240W
Automatic Gain ControlYes
Integrades in an voice evacuation systemYes
Coverage+/- 600m
Max Output Current10A
Rated Current Outputs7A
Mic Input Sensitivity & Impedance2.5mV/600, Balanced XLR input
Line Input Sensitivity & Impedance775mV/10K, Balanced XLR input
Output Sensitivity & Impedance1V/470, Balanced XLR output
Tone Control Bass10dB @ 100Hz
Tone Control Treble10dB @ 10KHz
Frequency Response50Hz~10KHz(+1dB, 3dB)
S/N Ratio66dB
THDLess than 0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power
Muting FunctionInput 1 overrides other input signals with 0-30dB attenuation
Master InputConnector 1/4" TS jack
100V InputTransformer balanced. Impedance >100k
90 Slave Output1V/470 , Unbalanced Connector 1/4" TS jack
0 Slave Output1V/470 , Unbalanced Connector 1/4" TS jack
Phantom Power+48V
CoolingFan automatically start up when temp reaches 55
ProtectionHigh temp, overload & short-circuit
Power Supply~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Power Consumption (max)500W
Main Construction MaterialPanel: aluminum plate, black / Case: steel plate
Weight10,3 Kg


Technical Sheet BDOVE-2400.21 MB - pdf
Technical Drawing BDOVE-2400.35 MB - pdf
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