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Set with 8x BOVO8T-BL, 1x FOURDRIVE, 1x BPM242

Have Fun, the BILLARDS SET is the perfect solutions for a billiards centre or penny arcade where you want to control the volume in different zones.

Eight BOVO8T loudspeakers and one FOURDRIVE amplifier work extremely well together to reproduce powerful and clear music.

The FOURDRIVE 4-way amplifier has 4 volume buttons that can be changed, so you can make 4 volume zones.

(The BOVO8T are also available in white.)


Loudspeakers8 pcs BOVO8T-BL
Amplifier1 pcs FOURDRIVE
Pre-Amplifier1 pcs BPM242


Technical Sheet BILLIARDS SET0.24 MB - pdf
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