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The BIS-01 is an innovative audio system that replaces conventional speakers transforming everyday and existing materials such as plasterboard, wood, glass, composite materials, plexiglass, aluminum, metal and many others into high quality speakers (frequency 60Hz to 20kHz) while maintaining excellent channel separation (stereo effects and 5.1 surround etc.).

The BIS-01 uses a new technology that gives the opportunity to generate sound through the surface where it is applied. It can be installed invisibly, it goes inside or behind the surfaces that you want to switch on and it transforms the surface in a giant loudspeaker.

The BIS-01 is invisible, it can be installed in the hidden side of the surface; above false ceiling, behind false walls and inside the furniture.

Wide range of frequency response:
Functional for high quality application between 60Hz to 20kHz.

Ultra slim:
The BIS-01 is engineered very flat that give the freedom and the opportunity to install the device in shallow areas.

Homogeneous sound:
All the energy is spread over the entire surface where the BIS-01 is installed. The effect of this simple principle is a very smooth sound perception.

A better understanding of words, in a room people will hear the same dB power regardless of their location with extremely good intelligibility.

The BIS-01 can be installed on many rigid materials such as wood, plasterboard, glass, composite materials, Plexiglas, metal, Corian, water and many
others. The BIS-01 can be use with all the amplifier available on the market.

The configuration of the BIS-01 can follow the client’s needs with a large range of solutions. From Mono to PA.

Easy to install:
The installation times is very fast thanks to the 4 screw holes or the paste sticker.

Environmental friendly:
The BIS-01 also due to its ability to propagate sound through large surfaces is a “green” solution because it drastically reduces the number of speakers installed and thus the power consumption while keeping unchanged the audio performance.

The compact size of the components allow the application in many everyday structures.


Driver1,25inch KSV coil, NdFeB Magner
Frequency Response60Hz-20KHz
RMS Power30W
Impendace8 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W/1m)85dB
Oscillating plate materialABS


Technical Sheet BIS-010.6 MB - pdf
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