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The BPLT-50 is two-way long throw horn 100 volt high quality music projector. It has 50 watts rated power handling RMS at 100 volt and has transformer taps at 50 - 25 - 12,5 - 9 - 4,5 - 3,5 watts. Its long throw output performance brings quality sound over long distances and in wide areas with both music and speech. The two-way characteristic makes your music still sound natural where the horn shape housing makes sure you cover a big distance.

Thanks to the well-considered coverage range, high sensitivity, high output, low distortion and extended frequency response, this BPLT-50 horn loaded loudspeaker is ideal for voice, music or even alarm signals. It can be used in outdoor applications such as recreational facilities, schools, parking facilities, as well as large indoor applications such as sports centers, airports, exhibition halls…

The housing of the BPLT-50 is made of high impact ABS. It has a coated 6” HD woofer and 3” horn driver. The bracket is made of coated aluminium which makes the loudspeaker fully weatherproof (IP66) and is a guarantee against corrosion!


Height315 mm
Width360 mm
Depth255 mm
Woofer Size6 inch
Tweeter Size3 inch
Loudspeaker system2-way
Impedance8 Ohm
Low impedance dynamic power50W
Applicable in 100VYes
100V transformer power taps3,5W - 4,5W - 9W - 12,5W - 25W - 50W
Applicable in 70VYes
70V transformer power taps1,75W - 2,25W - 4,5W - 6,25W - 12,5W - 25W
Max SPL 1m116 dB
Frequency response90 - 20 Khz
Horizontal dispersion angle 1000Hz105⁰
Vertical dispersion angle 1000 Hz140⁰
Main construction materialABS plastic
IP rating66
Mounting systemU-Bracket fixed by bolt
Weight4 Kg


Technical Sheet BPLT series0.23 MB - pdf
Technical Drawing BPLT-500.22 MB - pdf
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