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Set with 1x BLECTERN, 12x BCOL6-3560, 1x BCDSD-USB01, 1x BPM242, 1x BPA4240

Heavenly sound solution for an church. CHURCH SET is a perfect combination of sound, performance and reliability.

The restoration of a church is always a delicate balancing act between preserving the historic fabric and ambience of the building while, at the same time, adding modern facilities that 21st century worshippers expect. Providing high quality sound reinforcement is always a challenge.

A pair of Boxxline BCOL6-3560 extra-slim column loudspeakers, driven by an BPA4240 4-way 100V amplifier and an BPM242 pre-amplifier, are the ideal solution for a bigger Church.


Lectern1 pcs BLECTERN
Loudspeakers12 pcs BCOL6-3560
Media Source1 pcs BCDSD-USB01
Pre-Amplifier1 pcs BPM242
Amplifier1 pcs BPA4240


Technical Sheet CHURCH SET0.42 MB - pdf
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