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Set with 8x BSPHERE60W, 1x BCDUST-SD, 1x BPM242, 1x BPA500, 1x BPC-1CH

Clear sound solution for your warehouse. LOGISTICS SET is a perfect combination of clear sound, performance and reliability.

The Boxxline LOGISITCS SET is an perfect solution for areas with high ceilings. This BSPHERE60W 360° dispersion loudspeaker allow a loud and wide sound dispersion.
With a minimum number of speakers you can an entire Hall equipped with a good sound.

Thanks to the LOGISTICS SET solution, all employees can enjoy background music during work, but can also be informed in case of emergency.


Loudspeakers8 pcs BSPHERE60W
Media Source1 pcs BCDUST-SD
Pre-Amplifier1 pcs BPM242
Amplifier1 pcs BPA500
Microphone1 pcs BPC-1CH


Technical Sheet LOGISITCS SET0.22 MB - pdf
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