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Set with 4x BOVO8T-BL, 1x BXSUB-118, 1x CLUBDRIVE

Get the party started! PUB SET is a winning combination of sound, performance and reliability. This set brings grooves to every bar or venues where you want to play music at ambiance, party or dance level.

Four BOVO8T loudspeakers and one BXSUB-118 subwoofer work extremely well together to reproduce powerful and clear music.

The CLUBDRIVE 3-way amplifier has 3 volume buttons that only can be changed.

(The BOVO8T are also available in white.)


Loudspeakers4 pcs BOVO8T-BL
Subwoofer1 pcs BXSUB-118
Amplifier1 pcs CLUBDRIVE


Technical Sheet PUB SET0.22 MB - pdf
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