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Set with 16x BPLT50, 16x BCM6-20TW, 4x BOVO8T-BL, 1x BXSUB-118, 1x CLUBDRIVE, 1x BPA4240, 1x BPA4060, 1x BMAT8x8, 1x BCDUST-SD, 1x B-MAT-PAG, 4x B-MAT-CO-M

Sporty sound solution for your football or hockey fields, business rooms & canteen. SPORT SET 3.0 is a perfect combination of soothing sound, sporty performance and reliability.

Thanks to the SPORT SET solution, all athletes can enjoy background music during sport, but can also be informed in case of points count or emergency.

The ideal outdoor sporty solution for all weather conditions.


Loudspeakers Sport Fields16 pcs BPLT50
Loudspeakers Business Rooms16 pcs BCM6-20TW
Loudspeakers Canteen4 pcs BOVO8T-BL
Subwoofer Canteen1 pcs BXSUB-118
Amplifier Sport Fields1 pcs BPA4240
Amplifier Business Rooms1 pcs BPA4060
Amplifier Canteen1 pcs CLUBDRIVE
Matrix System1 pcs BMAT8x8
Media Source1 pcs BCDUST-SD
Microphone1 pcs B-MAT-PAG
Wall Controllers Business Rooms4 pcs B-MAT-CO-M


Technical Sheet SPORT SET 3.00.26 MB - pdf
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