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Beach Pavilion Badlust

11 August 2015
Pure natural sound on the beach ath Rockanje The Netherlands.

At first battle of Rockanje is beach pavilion Badlust. Since 1946 is the property of the Hokke family and it has since become a real family business at heart. The enthusiastic team of loyal staff has ensured that Badlust has become one of the most famous pavilions at the Rockanese beach.

Despite its size of about 400 seats gives Badlust never feel crowded. Badlust is characterized by personal contact. The Interior breathes the atmosphere of a Beach Club as a beach tent is meant.

Badlust can proudly say that they have many regular customers. Also the low staff turnover characterizes the good atmosphere of Badlust. For years, you will find the same team with friendly faces and that may be called unique. The staff has real heart for the case and recommend. They are also always ready to jump in, if necessary.

Hokke family was looking for a new sound system that met their needs and requirements. A sound system with a natural sound and for a fair price. And that they have found at Boxxline Audio, in this installation is chosen to have multiple (8) smaller speakers (BASK6-T-BL) in for a better spread so that an even sound is by the entire case and all guests can enjoy while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Please find below a list of the equipment used for the restaurant and terrace :


1 pcs Boxxline Audio BPM242 (Pre-Amplifer / Mixer)
2 pcs Boxxline Audio PREMIUM-4.0 (Low Impedance Amplifier 2x190W @ 4Ohm)
8 pcs Boxxline Audio BASK6-T-BL (6,5” Design Two-way Loudspeaker)

6 pcs Boxxline Audio BEN5-T-W (5” Design Two-way IP56 Loudspeaker)


Technical Sheet PREMIUM-4.00.3 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BPM2420.26 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BASK6-T-BL0.4 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BEN5-T0.36 MB - pdf

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