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Boxxline Audio @ the beach

08 September 2015
Boxxline Audio supported the boulevard of Scheveningen in The Netherlands with natural sounds and clear speech support.

Audio company ‘Sound Services’ has chosen for Boxxline Audio because of his reliability, natural & clear sound.

They have used already our BPLT-50 speakers on the beach of Scheveningen (The Netherlands) for 2 events:
- Fireworks Show Scheveningen
- Kite Party Scheveningen

Fireworks Show Scheveningen:
After the beautiful firework displays in the first weekend of Poland, Germany, Croatia and Japan lag set the bar very high for the second weekend. Netherlands, Italy, China and Spain have give everything to made it!

With a rousing end show Spain went there with the title: ’Most beautiful countries fireworks show‘.

By the massive turnout this year, the International Fireworks festival in the books as one of the most successful editions with a record 400.000 visitors, and Boxxline Audio was partner off this great event.

Kite Party Scheveningen
Kite Party Scheveningen will for the 37th time on the beach of Scheveningen.

The day program depends on the weather, but the more than 100 Kiters from home and abroad, there will be a spectacle of all day.

• The megabyte, the largest monster kite of the world. 66 metres long and 25 metres wide, and more than 2000 m2 fabric was needed to this kite.
• Demonstrations with Revolution Kites on music
• Stephen Versteegh, best all round kite flyer of Europe, had give a Free style demo
• The Peter Lynn Team had give demos

During this 2 events there made use of the following articles:

1pcs Boxxline Audio BPC-1 (Paging Console)
1pcs Boxxline Audio BCDSD-USB01 (CD/SD/USB Media Player)
1pcs Boxxline Audio BPM242 (Stereo Mixer Pre-Amplifier)
4pcs Boxxline Audio BPA-500 (100V Amplifier 1 Channel 500W)
40pcs Boxxline Audio BPLT-50 (Powerful two-way long throw horn)

So you see thats Boxxline Audio is also very suitable for your audio rental company for many applications.


Technical Sheet BPC-10.28 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BCDSD-USB010.19 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BAPM2420.26 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BPA5000.55 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BPLT-500.23 MB - pdf

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