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Bravis Hospital Roosendaal

26 January 2015
Bravis Hospital choosen for Boxxline Audio 100V.

The location in Roosendaal (The Netherlands) from Bravis hospitals has recently chosen for new 100V audio systems of Boxxline Audio.

Our dealer has installed 8 complete new audio zones with new radios, amplifiers and ceiling speakers. The evacuation alarm system is also connect to the music system so that it overrule the music system. Please find below a list of the equipment our dealer used for the this project:

240 pcs BCM6-20TW
4 pcs BMA240 (100V Mixing Amplifier 240W)
4 pcs BMA60-ECO (100V Economic Mixing Amplifier 60W)
8 pcs BTUN01 (AM/FM Tuner)

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