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Ellis Gourmet Burger Breda

14 April 2016
Who the f**k is Ellis…

Who the f**k is Ellis ...

Ellis is the concept of a group of enthusiasts with one goal in mind: to better serve burgers. Yes, we use the absolute best products, but also continuously refine our recipes with the help of well-known product specialists and star chefs.

Our name ...

We must face the truth: Although the hamburger was invented centuries ago, he was the last decades especially perfected in the USA. Our name refers therefore to Ellis Island in New York, a border post where European immigrants during the last century the US having apologised. Ellis Gourmet citizen wants to introduce quality citizen from the US again in Europe.

Please find below a list of the equipment used for Ellis Gourmet Burger Breda:

8 pcs Boxxline Audio BASK6-T-BL Speakercabinet (100V / 16Ohm)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BPM242 (Pre Amplifier)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio PREMIUM-4.0 (Amplifier)


Technical Sheet BASK Series0.4 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BPM2420.26 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet PREMIUM-4.00.3 MB - pdf


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