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High School and the B-ARRAY Series!

08 November 2016
The Boxxline BDQ-6P/W is the standard among installers.

A high school in the south of the Netherlands (Goirle) has opted for a pro audio installation Boxxline Audio.

This choice was made by the very intense pleasing and clear speech intelligibility, dispersion, music sound quality, distribution, design, quality and service.

Here is elected for a three-way amplifier with four Pro Audio columns A-RRAY series that are controlled low-impedance. These cabinets include 2pcs 3 “ speaker and a 1” tweeter thats making the sound very clear and pleasant. Support for music and movies has been chosen for the BXSUB-28W double 8 “subcabinet which is driven by the same amplifier with built-in crossover.

The three-way amplifier (Clubdrive) and the built-in crossover get the top columns and subcabinet just what to show and what they are made for. The speakers are protected by this system and because of this increases their lifespan.

Below you’ll find an overview of the used items:

4 pcs Boxxline Audio B-ARRAY-231BL (8Ohm / 100W RMS Column Loudspeaker 2x3” + 1” Tweeter)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BXSUB-28W (Double 8” Subcabinet 4Ohm / 400W)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BPM242 (Pre Amplifier)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BCDUST-SD (CD/USB/SD/TUNER Mediaplayer)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio Clubdrive (3-way amplifier with build in croosover)


Technical Sheet B-ARRAY Series0.34 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BXSUB-28W0.36 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BPM2420.26 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BCDUST-SD0.28 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet CLUBDRIVE0.34 MB - pdf

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