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L’Oceanogràfic Valencia Spain

10 March 2016
Sea world and column speakers. Have a look at the L’Oceanographic of Valencia where BIONIC column speakers have been installed with the BQ-12S subwoofers for the dolphinarium shows. This is the largest aquarium tank in Europe!

Who loves dolphins, penguins and turtles?! Are you with the kids in Valencia, do you like (sea) animals or would you like to learn more about the underwater world, be sure to plan a visit to the Oceanogràfic!

An OCEAN IN VALENCIA, Boxxline Audio delivered for the tribune in the Dolphin basin an grand new Pro Audio musicsystem. Our distributor had choosen for:

8 pcs BIONIC-123W column speaker (in front)
12 pcs BIONIC-123W column speaker (In roof)
6 pcs BQ-12S subwoofer (in roof)

1 pcs BLOCTAGON-42BL Servercabinet 360⁰
1 pcs BCDSD-USB01
1 pcs BPM-242 Pre Amplifer
1 pcs BPC-1
13 pcs PREMIUM-8.5 amplifier

The L’Oceanographic is the largest aquarium in Europe with over 500 different animals and 40.000 animal in total. All these animals are divided into nine parts, each with its own characteristics:

– Mediterráneo: aquarium with flora and fauna from the Mediterranean Sea.

– Humedales Aviario: waterfowl from the Spanish swamps & tropical mangroves. You will find here beautiful birds, but if you look closely, you can also find turtles here!

– Templados: aquarium with fauna from temperate seas. You can also find basins with common seals and Magellanic penguins. Nice to know is that you also can enter it during dinner time penguins (at 14:30)! When buying your ticket you must then indicate that you would like to carry the penguins.

– Tropicales y Corales: aquarium with flora and fauna from the tropical seas. You come here also the most beautiful coral reefs against!

- Islas: component that is based on the islands along the coast of South America. Here, you’ll find Patagonian sea lions.

– Mar Rojo: aquarium with fish from the Red Sea.

– Ártico y Antártico: in this aquarium are cliffs and ice blocks ... and walrus, white dolphins (beluga whales) and Gentoo penguins

– Océanos y Tiburónes: this is one of the most special parts of the Oceanografic. In a long tunnel you walk under large sharks (including sand tiger and the nurse shark). A fun fact: Spanish children can celebrate their birthday in the Oceanografic and in the tunnel under the sharks sleep. Then, a big slumber party organized. Exciting!

– Delfinario: the Dolphin basin. This Dolphinarium is also one of the largest in the world and the largest in Europe! There are five swimming pools where about 30 dolphins in May. There is also a tribune where you can enjoy every day of the dolphin show.

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