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20 December 2014
Professional sound solutions for exceptional road transport.

Exceptional transport
Mammoet Road Cargo focuses on the European market of exceptional transports and road transport, machine project cargo. These niche markets, in which dimensions, weights, volumes and above all the limits and determine the difficulty level, the stringende timetable require a high level of knowledge and skills, experience and skill, flexibility and reliability, organization and communication.

Exceptional transport is a specialist field, in which the limits in dimensions and weights and the local laws and regulations, always varying degrees of each European country, play a decisive role. It is a field where no courses for existence and the required know-how can only come through experience. This knowledge and experience and the correct interpretation of these are decisive for the transport solution and the pricing. Mammoet Road Cargo proves for years that all these criteria more than sufficiently present and secured in its “human capital”.

Their exceptional transport solutions are not limited to the road. If that is better for their customers are other modalities offered with the aim of timely and specific load at market costs at the place of destination. Inventive solutions and the availability of the right and most modern equipment provide an exceptional performance.

Machine transports
A big focus on a small market segment limited to increased costs in the desired combination options and works with it. Empty drive is “not done” and harmful to the environment and their customers. Mammoet Road Cargo has chosen to operate at 3 market segments in order to be able to provide professional transportation services throughout Europe at market rates.

The special vehicles, needed for exceptional transport, lend themselves perfectly to transport all kinds of machines, possibly self propelled and whether or not exceptional. The coverage ratio and the presence of suitable material on all thoroughfares crisscross Europe, with countless opportunities for combination rides, are price is decisive. Many customers, both manufacturers as well as dealers and end-users, entrust their precious machines for years to their specialists.

Daily drive our modern black red trucks criss-crossing Europe to the machines to deliver on time and without damage. Communication by GSM and follow up by tracking and tracing contribute greatly to a perfect execution of the transports.

Partly because of this is Mammoth Road Cargo for many large and appealing customers for years “transport”.

Project cargo
Many years of experience in this specialist market segment the customer guarantees a flawless execution of the order. The best example in it are the giant building cranes of Mammoet, which continuously be dispatched throughout Europe and always under a heavy time pressure.

The client determines the scope of the contract. Whether it is door to door, turnkey, total transport packages, including loading and unloading, intermediate storage or only exceptional load is. The customer want and has the role of Mammoet Road Cargo and this role is by definition neutral and reliable.

The final cost at project load are not only determined by the pricing but more so by abnormalities in the time frame, availability of the right and sufficient means of transport and the timely obtain all required permits. Timing and organization are the most important aspects and determine the final cost of the transport.

You can entrust your project cargo safely to Mammoet Road Cargo, because “practice makes perfect”.

For their office building and warehouse supplied & installed RSL & Partners BV the complete sound system, below you’ll find an overview of the used items:

130 pcs Boxxline Audio BCM6-20TW (Ceiling speaker)
12 pcs Boxxline Audio BPLT-50 (Powerful two-way long throw horn)

1 pcs Boxxline Audio BCDUST-SD (Multisource CD/USB/SD + Tuner)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BPM242 (Multifunctional stereo pre-amplifier)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BPC-1 (Paging Microphone)
4 pcs Boxxline Audio BPA4240 (4-zone 100V amplifier, 4 times 240 watt)


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