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McDonalds Breda Breepark

27 December 2015
McDonalds entrepreneur Ab Troost chooses for an impressive club sound system by Boxxline Audio.

The all-new McDonald’s restaurant in the South of Breda (Netherlands) will be open his doors on 2 January 2016.

This restaurant is located at leisure location “Breepark”. What can you find on such as “Breepark”?
Decathlon, Kinepolis, MaVer Events complex and terrain & McDonald’s.
An area in which free time allocation, both active and passive. An area full of experience, challenge and new memories. A dynamic field with different functions and parts! “Bree park” is located on the East side of Breda, exit 15. Parking is free.

“The location of the restaurant, adjacent to the event site of Breda, is the unique location. In this restaurant are processed to operate such a 74 speakers in different zones.For guest DJs and artists is a mobile transmitter for the signal. So is a is a very flexible system to the guest appearance inside and out on to enter into force.

Please find below a list of the equipment used for the restaurant, kitchen, canteen and outdoor terrace of McDonalds Breda Breepark:

66 pcs Boxxline Audio BCM8-40TWBC (Ceiling speaker witch back cover)
8 pcs Boxxline Audio BEN5-T-BL (Outdoor on-wall speaker)

1 pcs Boxxline Audio PREMIUM-8.5 (Amplifier)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BPA120 (100V Amplifier 120W)
3 pcs Boxxline Audio BPA500 (100V Amplifier 500W)

1 pcs Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter

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