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Op Hete Coolen Foodbar & Grillkitchen

20 November 2016

OHC Foodbar Kitchen & Grill is the new hotspot of Rotterdam. A hotspot where you ‘boosts in the morning until early can enjoy late. As in the city park. A summery feel but within. The fancier the better BBQ work can be or pick her heart at restaurant On Hot Coolen at the Schouwburgplein. In their trendy food bar and grill kitchen is the tough Josper charcoal oven ensures quality food. Think juicy steaks, juicy burgers and fiery fish. Honest dishes with an authentic flavor.

Go you also chill out with friends or weekend celebrating with colleagues? Maybe you surprise your grandfather have a birthday dinner party. Or do you have breakfast on your day off with a nice cup of coffee in Rotterdam. Whatever it is - a full dinner, quick lunch - one thing is clear: you’re going to OHC Pure Enjoyment. Because that is what they stand for: honest and delicious cuisine served prepared with passion and with love, in a warm, surprising and summer setting. Because they feel that their guests deserve the best. It’s as easy as that!

Please find below a list of the equipment used for Op Hete Coolen Rotterdam:

23 pcs Boxxline Audio BCUBE-2T-BL (Speakercabinet 2” 6W @ 100V)
2 pcs Boxxline Audio BXSUB-8ABL (Subcabinet Active 8” 150W)
2 pcs Boxxline Audio BSP15T (Projection Speaker 6” 15W @ 100V)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BMA240 (Mixing amplifier 240W @ 100V)
1 pcs Boxxline Audio BMAMP2-20 (Mini Amplifier 2x20W)


Technical Sheet BCUBE Series0.37 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BXSUB Series0.58 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BSP Series0.27 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BMA Series0.4 MB - pdf
Technical Sheet BMAMP Series0.38 MB - pdf

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