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Roman Catholic Church Driehuis

26 January 2015
Heavenly sound at Roman Catholic Church Driehuis

The sound replacement of a church is always a delicate balancing act between preserving the historic fabric and ambience of the building while, at the same time, adding modern facilities that 21st century worshippers expect. Providing high quality sound reinforcement is always a challenge, but which Boxxline Audio loudspeakers have overcome for one Dutch community (Driehuis, The Netherlands).

20pcs of Boxxline Audio BCOL8-2540 extra-slim column loudspeakers, driven by 2 pcs BPA500 and 1 pcs BPA240 compact 100V amplifiers, was the ideal solution for the Roman Catholic St Engelmundus Church. Discreetly mounted on pillars on each side of the church, the BCOL8-2540 speakers were chosen for their discreet appearance, value and being especially suitable for sound reproduction in acoustically difficult venues, such as the naturally reverberant body of a church.

Because they used more amplifiers they a 3-zone system where it is now possible to have different volume levels in each zone, middle space (The Ship), outer banks and the front (Altar).

For the bad hearing people they have a whole new induction loop ring applied. Allowing people with a hearing aid, to hear also al the speeches and music within the ‘ring’ on their hearing aid.

From now on, the Church also has about 4 wired microphones, 2 wireless microphones, USB/SD/CD player, live mixer and an audio recorder. With this audio recorder could men record the entire end display of music and speeches by special occasions or in memory.

RSL & Partners BV had made the sound plan an installed this project in collaboration with their dealer. Please find below a list of the equipment they used for the church:

20 pcs BCOL8-2540 (Column speaker 8x2,5inch 40W)
2 pcs BPA-500 (100V amplifier 500W)
1 pcs BPA240 (100V amplifier 240W)
1 pcs BDOVE-240 (Induction Loop Amplifier 240W)

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